Purchasing and supplier management at fischer

On this page, you can find out about the purchasing department and supplier management at fischer fixing systems and fischertechnik.  Helpful information about our organisation, purchasing policy and procurement portfolio is available.

You would like to apply to be a fischer supplier? Then introduce yourself to our purchasing team with your supplier application.

Purchasing organisation

As a global company with 49 subsidiaries, the fischer group of companies relies on a balanced supplier portfolio in the international procurement markets. The global requirements in the fixing systems division and fischertechnik are pooled through the lead buyer organisation and optimally assigned in the international lead buying team from a business perspective.

Purchasing policy

We use resources sparingly and maintain a long-standing relationship with our external partners on an equal footing, in order to secure the sustainability of our company and to guarantee it for the long term. We conscientiously select our partners on the basis of a holistic approach and assess them in terms of the aspects of people, safety, quality and the environment. Here, it is necessary to define, practise and maintain a respectful, useful and economical approach.

The fischer group of companies is proud of its outstanding reputation with respect to honesty and integrity in all its actions. We expect and demand compliance with the social standards with regard to human rights, working conditions and the protection of the environment from all the suppliers which provide us with goods and services.

We consider the collaboration with our suppliers to be an active partnership which is characterised by mutual appreciation. Suppliers which satisfy high requirements in terms of quality, the environment, innovation and costs can count on a sustainable and long-term partnership with fischer.

Our guiding principle is:

“It is not easy to deliver to us, but if you have managed it, you will make it as a partner of our company.”

Supplier management

Suppliers with flawless products and robust processes support the quality of our products in the market. They prevent financial losses and a loss of image through sustained standards of quality in their own organisation and in the organisations of the supply chain. An integral part of supplier management at fischer fixing systems is the use and continual advancement of suppliers with a suitable level of quality.
Suppliers are developed in a targeted manner through a retrospective assessment of the supplier performance, so that a good and economical partnership can be obtained in the long term through supplier management.

Supplier management, quality

  • Contact for supplier quality in the selection, approval, assessment and development processes
  • Contact for the coordination and execution of advance quality planning for new/modified products and services from the supplier

Priority demands

As well as raw materials and components for our metal, plastic and chemical productions, our priority demands include a broad range of traded goods, as well as the areas of energy, indirect materials and services

Our product group portfolio

Steel + stainless steel
Metal parts
Metal fixing products


Channels + cantilevers
Pipe fixings
Sanitary fixings
Solar fixings


Grinding + cutting discs and drill bits

Chemical raw materials
Construction chemicals
Fire protection chemicals


Plastic granulates + additives
Injection moulded parts


Foil bags
Deep-drawn foils


Packaging from corrugated cardboard
Packaging from cardboard
Packaging from plastic

Production tools
Perishable tools
Indirect consumable materials


Promotional products
Print products