Become a fischer supplier and shape the collaboration

Find out how to become a fischer supplier and what our priority demands are. In our download area, you will find important information and documents for a successful collaboration.

You would like to apply to be a fischer supplier? Then introduce yourself to our purchasing team by following the steps described below.


“We operate reliably and consistently, working with our business partners in a trustworthy manner, and involving them in our planning and actions in the interest of continued improvement and renewal. In this way we win over business partners and create common benefits.”

- Philosophy of the fischer group of companies

We impose the following requirements on you:

  • Interest in a long-term partnership
  • Compliance with the social standards with regard to human rights, working conditions and protection of the environment
  • Capacity for innovation and development which also guarantees competitiveness in the future
  • Willingness to continuously improve processes
  • Guaranteed adherence to and delivery of the required quality
  • Assurance of a high delivery reliability
  • Willingness and ability to fulfil the logistics regulations
  • Fair market prices
  • Cooperation via our supplier platform

Become a fischer supplier

How do I become a fischer supplier?

If you are willing and able to comply with our requirements, apply straightforwardly by following the subsequent steps.
  1. Follow the link to the interface of the provider Jaggaer Direct.
  2. Enter your contact and company data incl. e-mail address, you will receive a confor-mation mail with your initial login data.
  3. Complete the “small supplier profile”, your information will be sent directly to the re-sponsible lead buyer.
  4. After a check and potential release of the small profile, you will receive another mail and thereby the invitation to complete the “big supplier profile”.
  5. After a repeated check and potential release, you will receive the final confirmation of your successful registration.
  6. Congratulations, you are now completely registered and will be considered in future RFQs and projects.

Please understand, that only registrations via this portal will be considered. Applications via telephone or e-mail will not be followed up on.

Training documents can be found in the download area.


Priority demands

As well as raw materials and components for our metal, plastic and chemical productions, our priority demands include a broad range of traded goods, as well as the areas of energy, indirect materials and services

Our product group portfolio

Steel + stainless steel
Metal parts
Metal fixing products


Channels + cantilevers
Pipe fixings
Sanitary fixings
Solar fixings


Grinding + cutting discs and drill bits

Chemical raw materials
Construction chemicals
Fire protection chemicals


Plastic granulates + additives
Injection moulded parts


Foil bags
Deep-drawn foils


Packaging from corrugated cardboard
Packaging from cardboard
Packaging from plastic

Production tools
Perishable tools
Indirect consumable materials


Promotional products
Print products