Become a fischer supplier and shape the collaboration

Find out how to become a fischer supplier and what our priority demands are. In our download area, you will find important information and documents for a successful collaboration.

You would like to apply to be a fischer supplier? Then introduce yourself to our purchasing team with your supplier application.


“We operate reliably and consistently, working with our business partners in a trustworthy manner, and involving them in our planning and actions in the interest of continued improvement and renewal. In this way we win over business partners and create common benefits.”

- Philosophy of the fischer group of companies

We impose the following requirements on you:

  • Interest in a long-term partnership
  • Compliance with the social standards with regard to human rights, working conditions and protection of the environment
  • Capacity for innovation and development which also guarantees competitiveness in the future
  • Willingness to continuously improve processes
  • Guaranteed adherence to and delivery of the required quality
  • Assurance of a high delivery reliability
  • Willingness and ability to fulfil the logistics regulations
  • Fair market prices

Become a fischer supplier

How do I become a fischer supplier?

  1. Complete the supplier application Download
  2. Inspection by responsible purchaser
  3. In the event of interest: delivery of a supplier self-assessment
  4. Framework agreement with respect to confidentiality, quality and logistics
  5. Auditing
  6. In the event of a positive assessment: inclusion in the list of suppliers


Priority demands

As well as raw materials and components for our metal, plastic and chemical productions, our priority demands include a broad range of traded goods, as well as the areas of energy, indirect materials and services

Our product group portfolio

Steel + stainless steel
Metal parts
Metal fixing products


Channels + cantilevers
Pipe fixings
Sanitary fixings
Solar fixings


Grinding + cutting discs and drill bits

Chemical raw materials
Construction chemicals
Fire protection chemicals


Plastic granulates + additives
Injection moulded parts


Foil bags
Deep-drawn foils


Packaging from corrugated cardboard
Packaging from cardboard
Packaging from plastic

Production tools
Perishable tools
Indirect consumable materials


Promotional products
Print products