Beijing Sub-Center

  • Object type : Traffic Infrastructure
  • Location : China
  • used products : Zykon-Panel Anchor FZP II, FZA undercut anchor
  • Construction year : 2018

China describes the new sub-center of Beijing as a "project-of-the-century that serves a millennium development plan". The construction project is part of the new Jing-Jin-Ji metropolitan region. With this "Millennium Development Plan", the Chinese government wants to combine the three cities of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. After completion, more up to 130 million people will live in the world's largest city with an area of more than 200,000 km². A stone curtain wall with glass cladding gives the government buildings in the new Beijing Sub-Center a distinguished appearance. fischer façade anchors secure the elements safely to the subframe system.

The fastening systems are earthquake-proof and easy to remove and calibrate. Additionally, the ACT SytemTec products are approved domestically and abroad – for example by the European ETA and the CE mark. An independent testing agency in China, fischer experts and façade engineers carried out additional tests. Ultimately, the products fulfil every single tender requirement. The curtain wall can be fitted securely and permanently to the subframe system so that the stone remains stable even under wind pressure and in earthquakes.