Lansdowne Road Stadium in Dublin

  • Object type : Sport Leisure Facilities
  • Location : Ireland
  • Products used : FIS, FNH, EA, EXA, RG
  • Year of construction : 2009
A wide range of applications with fischer products are being used for the construction of the new Lansdowne Stadium in the Irish capital of Dublin.

The redevelopment plan for the Lansdowne Road Stadium envisages the creation of a modern stadium, which, on completion, will have an all-seated capacity of 50,000. This compares with the existing Lansdowne Road Stadium which has an all-seated capacity, as required for competi-tive soccer, of 36,000 and a mixed standing and seated capacity of 49,000 for rugby. All seating in the new stadium will be under cover of a roof; however, the roof will not extend over the pitch. The construction will be finished in the second quarter of 2009.
So far fischer products have been used in various applications, including post-installed rebars, cable management, precast concrete, curtain walling, and in general construction. Our distributor Masonry Fixings Ltd is working together with various companies on site in connection with different tasks.
Kildownet Ltd fixed the post-installed rebars with about 1,000 cartridges of fischer injection mortar FIS EM and FIS VT 380 C. Additionally they installed 13,800 nail sleeves FNH. For cable management Kent Manufacturing used 650 hammerset anchors EA II. Precast concrete work was carried out by Banaher Concrete, using over 800 express anchors EXA, about 300 cartridges of FIS VT 380 C and 330 threaded rods RG M. Finally John Sisk Main Contractors installed quite a wide range of fischer products for different applications in the stadium.