Olympic buildings, Rio de Janeiro

  • Object type : Sport Leisure Facilities
  • Location : Brazil
  • Products used : FIS V, FIS A, Highbond Anker FHB II, FAZ II
  • Year of construction : 2016

Several new sport buildings were erected in the Olympic Park in the Barra district, located in the south of the city. Most of the arenas are built with supporting prefabricated concrete slabs or supporting steel constructions which are quite demanding in terms of fixing technology.

The tennis arena, offering 10,000 seats, is covered by a metal roof that had to be fixed on concrete pillars. For this purpose, threaded rods were used in combination with fischer injection mortar. Not far from there are the three Carioca-Arenas. They hosted the basketball games as well as the wrestling, judo, fencing and Taekwondo competitions. In each Carioca arena there are 6,500 seats that were fixed into the concrete substructure with the help of anchors and injection mortar. Another architectural highlight of the Olympic Park is the Future Arena. In this nordic looking building the handball teams played their matches. The railings and wave breakers which prevent the audience from uncontrollably pushing towards the field were fixed with steel bolt anchors into the concrete base.