Highlight in shopping street

  • Location : Germany
  • used products : FZP, FIS, SXS
  • Construction year : 2006
The Neue Wall is Hamburg’s most exclusive and fashionable shopping street: high-class boutiques and venerable old merchant houses are situated side by side. A concept for the surrounding urban space is designed to enhance the attractiveness of the area. One highlight of the concept is the building known as Neuer Wall 52 with its unique glass scale facade. he glass louvre elements are invisibly fixed with fischer spot holders.

The architects KKPW working for RIPA Grundstücks-gesellschaft mbH and with the support of BC & H Projektmanagement GmbH have created a highlight in the truest sense of the word. While the row of shops in the corner building measuring 40 metres in length and 13 metres in width is clad in black natural stone, the six office floors facing the street are enveloped with a delicate scale facade made of glass louvre elements. 136 windows lend this unusual facade surface its remarkable and eye-catching structure. The LED lighting engineering integrated in the window elements immerses the facade in a restrained and cool light at night.

Fischer’ facade specialists have been involved in the planning of the glass scale facade at an early stage. Working side by side with the facade planners GEFA-Plan and with Metallbau Hansen, the general contractors, Fischer Advanced Curtain Wall Technique (ACT) has worked out a solution which eventually convinced everybody. “The use of standardised components and the high degree of prefabrication for the sub-construction have helped to save costs both at the planning and the installation stage“, says Heiko Oltmanns, sales manager Northern Region of Hansen-Metallbau. And the fischer FZP-G spot holder for glass was chosen for design and economic reasons in preference over conventional spot holders which pierce the glass.

Placed between the window elements, the 1.20 by 0.33 metre glass louvre elements combine into a total area of 675 m2. The elements made of 8/10 mm VSG panes (HERO Glass) are fixed to the fischer sub-construction System One Light with a total of 10,000 fischer FZP-G undercut anchors. This innovative fixing concept has been approved and acknowledged individually.

The outer 8 mm ESG pane is connected to the 10 mm ESG pane with a white lamination. For the top fixing points, the FZP spot holder 13 x 16.5 M6/9 with an embedment deth of 5 mm was set in the 8 mm outer pane. This anchoring principle guarantees the safety under wind loads and the load-bearing capacity of the outer pane if the lamination is damaged.

The annular clearance created by the cyclindrical bore hole in the inner glass was filled with the fischer Injection System FIS V synthetic resin mortar after setting the anchors in order to absorb shear forces.For the lower fixing points, the FZP undercut anchor 15 x 6 M8/9 G with an embedment depth of 6 mm was set in the 10 mm inner pane. As the glass louvre elements overlap, the top fixing points are invisible and the white lamination between the panes also conceals the lower fixing points. The sub-construction has been designed to allow the scales to be mounted at an angle of 6.5°.

The sub-construction has been prefabricated and delivered in modules measuring 2.50 x 1.20 metres and connected to the pre-assembled wall holders. The fischer wall holders are anchored with 6,000 SXS 10 A4 stainless steel long-shaft anchors. The fischer SXS 10 is the first plastic anchor approved for cracked concrete.