Hudson Street New York

  • Object type : Residential Buildings
  • Location : United States
  • used products : Zykon-Panel Anchor FZP II
  • Construction year : 2018

90,000 fischer FZP anchors are fixing Bavarian natural stone plates to the striking element facade of 99 Hudson Street. The skyscraper has been under construction since 2016, and, upon completion, will tower above every other building on the west bank of the Hudson River with a height of 270 metres.

Extreme wind loads on one of the USA’s tallest residential buildings, enormous natural stone plates, a new American testing procedure for the products used, as well as a complicated installation process: due to these high requirements, the project’s client, China Overseas America, Inc., opted for the fischer FZP II in order to attach the 25,000-square metre facade.

Undercut drill holes form an interlocking fixing completely free from expansion pressure in connection with the fischer Zykon panel anchor FZP II, which allows a lot of architectural room to manoeuvre. 99 Hudson Street will provide 781 residential units across 79 floors in an area of 137.000 square metres from the end of 2018. Additional to that the building provides 1,400 square metres of retail space as well as a public area of 1,300 square metres.