Göltzschtal bridge

  • Object type : Traffic Infrastructure
  • Location : Germany
  • Products used : S, GS, FIS V, FIS AM
  • Year of construction : 2010
The historical Göltzschtal bridge located in Vogtland between Zwickau and Plauen is the largest brick built bridge in the world. A huge scaffold construction is necessary in order to electrify the viaduct. This is anchored with fischer scaffold fixings.  

This unusually beautiful crossing bridge was built between 1946 and 1851 by the Saxon – Bavarian railroad during the construction of the railway line Leipzig – Nürnberg. The 4 story arched construction is 574 m long and 78 m high. Today it is part of the so called Saxon-Frankonia-Magistral and allows tilt technology trains to use this stretch of track at speeds of up to 160 km / h. Between 2006 and 2008 a mobile maintenance platform was built. At present the German Rail is involved in the electrification of the bridge.

In order to do this in the last few weeks about 18.000 square meters of scaffolding was built on the Mühlen side of the viaduct at a standing height of 32 meters. above the 2nd arch running along the whole length of 574 meters. Because of the large span length of up to 30 meters, the employees of the Burghausen branch of Johan Roher Ltd. had a very challenging task to anchor the scaffold onto the brick construction of the bridge. A structural engineer had specially calculated the anchorage points of the bridge.

The German Rail decided for the use of our scaffold fixings after extensive on location pull out tests by our colleague Michael Stuis. About 5.000 scaffold fixings S 14 ROE and scaffold eye bolts GS 12 x 190 as well as 100 cartridges FIS V 360 for the anchoring of FIS A M 12 x 260 threaded rods are holding the complicated scaffold construction on to the Göltzschtal viaduct.

The scaffold is necessary for the electrification of the track on the crest of the bridge. Because the current width is not sufficient, the existing narrow concrete aprons will be replaced by cantilevers on the crest of the bridge and will in future support the masts. The construction work is planned to finish by the end of the year.

After this the bold scaffold construction will be repeated on the other side of the bridge. Our scaffold anchors will once again be used as the client is convinced by the service and the good price performance which fischer offers.