Permanently anchored

  • Object type : Traffic Infrastructure
  • Location : United Kingdom
  • Products used : FHB, FIS HB
  • Year of construction : 2012
More than 3 million vehicles pass the Erskine Bridge over the Clyde in Glasgow every year. The Erskine bridge is 1,310 metres in length and is a typical suspension bridge. The abutments of the bridge construction are expected to absorb vibrations and temperature-related deformations. The regular inspection and maintenance of the abutments is a time-consuming and expensive business. The search was on for a new solution to make maintenance work easier and more efficient. Until recently, the only access the technicians had to the abutments was via a basket suspended on a service walk-way. Now, permanent steel platforms have been fixed to each of the concrete pillars below the bridge construction. The steel construction company Miller Callaghan decided in favour of the fischer Highbond FHB. Each steel platform has been fixed to the 14 bridge pylons with 48 Highbond FHB-A 20 x 170/50 and FIS HB 345 S injection mortar.