Brenner Base Tunnel

  • Object type : Traffic Infrastructure
  • Location : Austria
  • used products : Injection mortar FIS SB, concrete screws ULTRACUT FBS II, nail anchors
  • Construction year : 2018

From 2007 to 2027 Europe's largest infrastructure project is under progress: The Brenner Base Tunnel. fischer's heavy-duty anchors were used to install both permanent and temporary fixtures in numerous completed and active construction lots. The fixing solutions are accelerating the construction progress, reducing costs and increasing safety in the Brenner Tunnel.

To transport travelers and goods more efficient and environmentally friendly, Europe is expanding its transport network. In this context the world's longest underground railway connection is under progress: the Brenner Base Tunnel, which has a total length of 64 km. The route runs from Innsbruck (Austria) to Franzensfeste (Italy). The tunnel lies flat, which is set to increase both speed and capacity. Reinforcement rods, guide rails, formwork elements, holding fixtures for supply lines, and many more were securely and firmly installed with fischer fixing systems.