The rapid progress in almost all areas of technology, the upheaval of social conditions and not least the much-cited globalization of the economy: these are the defining words for our era of constant change. A company like ours - with the claim to be at the forefront in its business segments worldwide - can not escape this change. Even more: it must actively shape this change and take on a management role, including the willingness and ability to change.

We have taken this management role. Throughout all department, area and country borders, we are improving processes, towards synchronization production and a lean company.

The basis for this is our corporate philosophy with its values. Especially the consequence, how  we achieve the changes, requires clear goals (they show us the what) and unmistakable values (they show us the how).

Our philosophy with its guiding principles helps us to avoid to leave the path. This applies to decisions which we have to make in our daily business as well as to the strategic orientation. "Be the change you wish for this world," Mahatma Gandhi said. Every single one of us is required. And for the action of each individual the philosophy is the basis and justification.

Basic principle

Our corporate activities are based upon the following fundamental values: